About Lavender Lister

Lavender just loves making lists

She makes lists from the moment she wakes up until the moment she goes to sleep.  Even in the night, she sometimes wakes up with a thought and just has to write it down!

Lavender can be walking in the street and she takes out her list pad and starts yet another list!

She makes lists to remind her to make lists as well!

She has the most adorable cat - Lucy, who Lavender loves to bits.  And Lucy loves Lavender to bits too!

She can be quite eccentric and is very caring and sweet

Lavender is very independent and headstrong.

She has intuitive thinking that helps her resolve problems

She is loving to all living things

Sometimes Lavender can be too trusting which can end up with her being upset

As for getting cross, she can be quite hot-headed and can get cross quite quickly then feels sorry and bad afterwards

Lavender has lovely friends such as Lizzie Lost-It (because she loses everything!) and Horace Hoardy (yes, you're right - he is a hoarder!)